Flanders 3 Days 2014

Hamok invites you to the Flanders 3 Days 2014.

3 days of quality orienteering in surprising terrain near Genk. Start orienteering through fast, varied forests with detailed sand dunes. Slow down when the visibility is reduced. Then the earth starts to rise. Climb the spoil tips rising over 100m above the surroundings, admire the landscape, master the gullies and enjoy the downhill!



A few photo albums of the Flanders 3 Days 2014 are available.


Combined results for the Flanders 3 Days 2014 are available. You can also find results for day 3 and the results of the day courses of day 3. Thanks for participating and we hope to see you again!


Results for day 2 have been published. The current ranking after two days is also available, just like day entry and MTB-O results.


Results for day 1 have been published. All results will be published on the Helga Webres portal.


The competition booklet that summarizes all information is available in PDF. You will receive a paper version when checking in.


Start lists are on-line. Some courses have been merged or split. Check the table on this page for more information.


Lists with all participants have been published. Note that entries for a single or two days will still result in people appearing each day.


Entries for the Flanders 3 days are almost closing! With around 300 participants this will be an exciting competition.


More information has been published on this site. There will be an additional, optional, MTB-O competition on day 2.


Entries are open!


Some non-standard symbols are used on all maps:

Day 1: Heiderbos

Course setterStefaan Schutjes
CourseLong distance
Scale1/10 000
Contours2m / 5m on spoil tips
Start14h00 - 16h00

This competition will take place on a part of the old map of Waterschei and an extension to the northeast. Expect some climbing, but mostly forests with small sand dunes. The visibility is limited, but runnability is quite good.

Day 2: Kolenspoor

Course setterHenrik Lisby
CourseMiddle distance
Scale1/7 500
Start10h00 - 12h00

This middle distance competition will feature an open/semi-open area. The map is new.

The competition crosses some cycling tracks, be careful!

Course setterDries van der Kleij
Scale1/20 000
Start13h00 - 14h30

The mountainbike orienteering competition will span the whole map of Waterschei.

No pre-entry is necessary. The entry fee is 6 EUR. You need a helmet.

Distances: 24 - 18 - 13km

Day 3: Waterschei

Course setterPeter Krampiltz
CourseLong distance
Scale1/10 000
Contours2m / 5m on spoil tips
Start10h00 - 12h00

The final stage will include the parts of the map Waterschei you didn't visit the previous days. It's highly likely you will need to climb again. Depending on the results of the previous days, you can decide to enjoy the landscape or run down as fast as you can.


Course Category Long Distance Middle Distance>
1 HE 70' 40'
2 DE H-20 H21 H35 H4060' 40'
3 D21 H-16 H-18 H45 H45 H5045' 30'
4 D-18 D-20 D35 D40 H55 HB40' 30'
5 D-16 D45 D50 DB H-1435' 30'
6 H6035' 30'
7 D-14 D55 D60 H6530' 25'
8 H-12/D-12 25' 20'
9 D65+ H70+ 30' 25'
10 D-10 H-10 20' 20'
Day entry
11 Short Difficult 4km 3,5km
12 Long Difficult 7km 6km
13 Easy Middle4,5km 3,5km

In this terrain it is easy to set courses with a lot of climbing and downhill running. That's part of the game, but the main focus is on general orienteering skills. Special care will be taken for courses 9 and shorter so they are not too exhausting for the participants.


Free day care will be available.

Child-O will be organised every day.

Only children running alone in H-10/D-10 will be placed on the podium, but all children running this will receive a present.


Entries through OrienteeringOnline.

Belgian runners enter through their club and OL-CO. Send the OL-CO file to Jeroen Hoekx.

The final deadline for entries is the 1st of August 2014.

Before 01/07/2014Before 01/08/2014
Emit€2/day H/D-20+; €1/day H/D-18-; caution: €40

Payment by bank transfer to:

IBAN BE68 4581 0482 3134

Courses LD/ME/SD have the same entry fee as a late entry for one day only: € 15 or € 12.

Do not hesitate to contact Jeroen Hoekx for any questions.

Event Centre

The event centre and competition centre for the 3 days is located at:

Tilcas Boys, Herengracht z/n, 3665 As

Official opening hours: Friday 10h00 - Sunday evening

Signs start at the E314 highway, exit 32, direction As-Zutendaal.


Camping and motorhome spots are available at the event centre. The price is 15 EUR for the whole event for one spot. Showers and electricity are available.

The camping opens on Friday (15th) morning with all facilities (water/electricity) ready. Arrival on Thursday evening is possible, but not all facilities might be functional yet.

The camping closes on Sunday evening.

Please notify us in advance should you want to reserve a camping spot.

Alternatively you can find your own place to stay:


Jury members are 3 persons of different clubs. They will be selected and announced before the races.